Welcome! I'm Anna Jacobs.


I am the writer and creator of In the Making, a website devoted to makers who are dedicated to environmental sustainability. On this website you will find interviews with incredible women who create thoughtfully considered, well-made goods that are sustainable in their very making. 

A lifelong crafter and creator, I grew up sewing clothes, making my own cosmetics, and experimenting with crafts of all sorts. Though I was raised using mostly natural and organic products, once I started college I began questioning the ingredients in the cosmetics I was using and in the food I was eating. Turning to smaller, more trustworthy companies that create handcrafted foods and cosmetics was only natural. I loved the products I was using and I loved supporting smaller businesses. Eventually, this led to an interest in clothing made on a smaller, more ethical and sustainable scale. Watching the documentary The True Cost solidified my commitment to buying sustainably and ethically made clothing.

To me, sustainability means doing less harm and more good. It means caring for the planet and the life in it. Using materials that come from the earth and are produced naturally, without pesticides and harsh chemicals. Supporting independent makers and creators. Buying American-made goods, because American-made means no forced labor and no child labor. Together, let's be conscious consumers. Let's support designers and makers who's beliefs align with our own.